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ClickIntensity CEO, Nick Johnson speaks…

Clickintensity Facebook PageReally, it’s no more painful than signing up for a free email account!. I think this opportunity really has the potential to offer a lot ordinary folks (worldwide) a genuine chance to earn some REAL money online doing really simple things like playing fun games, clicking ads, visiting advertiser web pages, etc. Basically, the same thing most of do every day for free anyhow.  Why not get paid for it?

facebook-iconOn the flip-side this is a great place for people that own a FB page or web site to purchase advertising. Every business at some point needs ADVERTISING… and billions of dollars each DAY is purchased & sold. Google is a Search Engine, but they make millions each day in advertising revenues. Right?. Same with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. This new company, ClickIntensity is prepared to share a portion of the profits they get from the advertising to those members interested in taking it up a notch to participate as an affiliate to earn even more money. It’s purely optional, but the “opportunity” is there for those that realize the potential of getting in on the ground floor of something HUGE!



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